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About us

Our Vision

Digi Trading is going to become a super application to help clients manage and invest effectively.

Our Mission

Bringing pioneering products and services to professionalize and technologize the Vietnamese financial market.

Provide diversified investment products suitable with the diversity of investment capital as well as the risk appetite of individual investors.

Our Inspiration

Currently, financial advisory products mostly focus on customers with large investment capital.

Understanding the needs of the market, Digi Trading was created to serve every investor in providing a smart solution for personal financial investment.


Administrative Council


Board of Director

Our Products


Digi – Trading is an application platform integrated on the “MB Bank” application platform of Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank. Digi – Trading will be directly connected to MBS’s online stock trading platform, allowing customers perform operations to use the services of MBS, including but not limited to: Registration to open a securities trading account, Trading securities, Using services of entrustment to manage securities accounts…;

Invest conveniently, make transactions through the app easily and do not need to spend a lot of time monitoring the stock market.

Invest like a professional investor thanks to an automated system copying stock trades and earn profits as an investment professional.

Financial investment with a flexible amount from small to large with the suitable number of Investment Packages.




Suggest investment packages

Digi – Trading lists attractive investment packages that have been approved by the Investment Council, including the high-interest investment package and the favorite investment package.


List of Investment Advisors (IAs)

Digi – Trading categorizes IA by investment schools (Growth, Technical, Value). IA profiles show investment performance metrics, number of followers and total assets under management


Investment packages of IAs

Digi – Trading lists your favorite investment packages of your favorite IA


Investment package details

Digi – Trading gives detailed information about the investment package that you choose



You are client?

Digi Client

Do you have some accumulated capital and want to participate in the stock market to have a profit?

You don’t have knowledge and experience about the stock market?

You don’t have much time to monitor the market regularly?

Digi – Trading is an app that connects you to professional IA by copying their trading orders every time the IA enters an order successfully.

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You are an investment expert?

Digi Investment Advisor

Do you want to earn extra money from your investment ability?

Do you want to bring your brand name to the customer community?

Do you want to help the Vietnamese investor community make profits in the stock market?

Digi – Trading will help IA introducing their investment strategies and investment achievements to the customer community in the Digi – Trading ecosystem.

Customer’s Compliment Is Guarantee For Our Quality

Handy software

It is convenient and safe when Digi – Trading is integrated on the MB app

Mrs. Lan Huong

Easy to use

Digi – Trading’s interface is easy to understand and friendly for newbies like me.

Mr. Trinh Phat

Investing is so easy

I am a fresh graduate with a small amount of capital. Thanks to Digi – Trading, I have a safe investment channel with financial experts

Mrs. Thanh Tam